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People find lighthouses to be fascinating. We've pulled together some resources to fuel your interest in these special beacons of safety and hope.

  • U.S. Lighthouse Society Chapters and Affiliates are groups that support either specific lighthouse projects or regional endeavors.

  • GLLKA's mission statement is a calling for the preservation of lighthouses, the stories of those who kept them, and developing a new generation of preservationists. GLLKA also works to support other lighthouse groups throughout the Great Lakes and across the nation.

  • Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy's mission is to promote the preservation of Michigan's lighthouses and life saving station structures along with the artifacts associated with them. They accomplish this through education, interpretive displays and artifact preservation.

  • This site includes photographs, directions, histories, and GPS coordinates garnered while personally visiting every lighthouse in the United States and a growing number in Canada.

  • There are a number of Lighthouse Associations in Michigan whose missions are to preserve and promote the historic significance of these "Towers of Light" that guided ships during the early years of Great Lakes shipping.

  • View this amazing photo study of lighthouses from around the world.